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I make collages depicting whimsical landscapes and imaginary scenes, evoking childhood imagination and exploring the unique challenges and surprises of navigating life in a foreign place. While living for 2 years in Kyoto, Japan with my young family, I came across a proverb that resonates deeply with my work: “Traveling is the greatest teacher of all, so let your dear child journey.” The phrase implies that only through exploration free of overprotection will children learn to achieve things on their own.

Throughout my travels and daily life, I collect materials to create intricate paper collages, in a process that brings calm and offers a counterbalance to the inherent lack of control experienced in parenthood. The medium provides the opportunity to continue my artistic practice while traveling and caring for three young children. Experiencing the world alongside their innate curiosity encourages my own playfulness with color and composition.  Bright and vivid imagery weaves a narrative that invites the viewer to rediscover the enchantment and timeless nature of storytelling. We are all children at heart, and it is my intention that my work invites the viewer to keep exploring beyond boundaries and rekindle the wonder within.

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